Client Testimonials

What people say?

“Lydia came into my life when I was going through a time of great confusion and personal distress. At the time, I had little self-awareness of the way in which my own thought patterns were hindering my progress as an individual. Her help and guidance were instrumental during this process of transformation. With her help, I experienced an awakening that has led me to a life of miraculous wonder, connectedness and abundance. She continues to impact my life in innumerable ways today.”
"When I met Lydia in 2006, I was a very different person. Back then I thought it was normal for me to over-extend myself as I couldn’t even acknowledge what an exhausting and stressful lifestyle I’d created for myself until after she became my personal life coach. Thanks to her truly enlightened approach and guidance, I’ve made choices of a professional nature, that have allowed abundance to flow freely into my life. With her amazing mindset and innovative methods, she is still the person I turn to, whenever I am at a personal crossroads or dead end.”
"I had the pleasure of working with Lydia when she served as my assistant in the production of the film: The Dust of Time and a documentary on Theo Angelopoulos. Although Lydia’s contract with our company ended several years ago, we have kept up a professional communication, which is why I feel qualified to recommend her unreservedly for any position. Lydia was an excellent contributor, highly motivated with an outstanding work ethic.