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Quantum Leaping

In this (seemingly) competitive world, no matter how many times we hear the expressions “We are One”, “It’s all in our Minds” or “Love is all there is”, people still struggle in their attempt to find deeper meaning and purpose to their existence. 

Our friends have moved on and have children, while others are comfortable to experience a fleeting sense of joy in buying the latest I-phone or fashionable item. 

And as for society, everyone seems to be obsessed with the materialistic “truth” and although the majority of us have in one way or the other, climbed the ladder of success, (as we were taught this is the nature of the game we’ve come here to play), we find ourselves questioning: “Is this all there is to it? Why then don’t I feel fulfilled?” 


I know many successful men and women, who focused on establishing their careers and woke up one day to feel they’d somehow boarded the wrong train and can’t possibly make it on time to discover whether there’s something of deeper significance and value, left for them to experience; whether it’s parenthood, lasting intimacy or finding the solution to all the poverty and illness there is in the world. 

I know your struggle, I hear you and I see you; because I used to be a lawyer, with 2 Masters degrees, and I was STILL looking for answers as well. Deeply in my heart, I felt something else was trying to reach me; and when it did, and I started to experience how far more interesting the world is than I’d imagined it was before, I also had the need to know HOW I was doing the “mind-blowing” things that I was doing. Until. . I “rose in love” with Quantum Mechanics and Life Physics, answered all my questions, and helped many others answer theirs too.

Today, I’m here to tell you, that you ARE ready. YOU brought me here, because I can help you “download” the knowledge that’s been dormant within you all along, so you can awaken to your highest mission yet, whatever that may be. 

Lydia Evangelinos

                                                              Founder of the DNActivation Program


If today I follow my bliss and live with divine guidance, teaching others how to remodel their understanding of reality and awaken to their 5dimensional selves, it hasn’t always been that way.

As a sensitive adult born in the 80s (Indigo Soul), I had forgotten my True Voice. On my way to awakening, I had to learn to re-member how to recognise my own self, voice, and will, a journey that has been both incredibly challenging and a true blessing.

For years, I was forced to adapt. Being raised between different cultures from London, Athens, and Cairo, my childhood was very hectic, and as an only child, I tried to find comfort in making friends that I often had to leave soon after, for the sake of moving to a new country. My parents were also light-years apart from each other, practically never in the same continent, so I very much lacked the connection and stability a child needs.

Growing up, I followed society’s expectations, graduated from Law school and acquired two Master degrees, but I always felt that these choices somehow didn’t belong to me. I couldn’t value my “achievements”, because, at the core, I knew and felt that I was meant for a different quest.


I felt very much alone and often found refuge in my imagination. Until the day I realised the filters I was looking through. The sky wasn’t the limit at all; my belief system was.

I uncovered the blessings behind the challenges. Those early years of mine were, in fact, an initiation. An initiation where I spent quantum leaping from one version of myself to the next, in order to practice being in a constant state of flow and transmutation.

My days have since then become a sequence of synchronicities. Life wasn’t meant to be difficult or challenging or lonely or scarce. But for this, we need to change our perception. And in this transitional time, I was not only telling “myself” to change. I was telling an entire community of 50 trillion cells within me to adapt. It took a lot of trials, training, and meditation with coaches, mentors, and teachers to learn to focus this energy (Chi) before I could use it for teaching and helping others.

The fact is, physical reality is a holographic reflection of what you strongly believe to be true. And like mirrors, physical reality will not change, unless YOU (what you most strongly believe) change first. In other words, you are literally being served, what you’ve ordered! These years of research and practice, and the results I was experiencing were fascinating. It led me to create “This Iz Abundance” , a company specialising in inspiring and empowering individuals to live freer more fulfilling lives, by first releasing layers of false beliefs, and train on how to activate their dormant quantum intelligence which is an infinite source of abundance in itself.